Chia contains large amounts of magnesium which calms down stress-sensitive horses


Minerals and trace elements are a group of substances that are needed for the body's chemical activities, as well as the various organs. One of the most important of these essential ingredients is magnesium, in which is Chia seeds are rich. One hundred grams of chia contains about 400 mg of magnesium.  

The horse needs magnesium every day, because magnesium is important for muscle function - it helps the muscles to recover from exercise. If the horse is suffering from a lack of magnesium, the muscles will not be able to relax after exercise, and this may cause cramps. Magnesium is important for optimum muscle acid balance, so it will affect the horse's performance. Magnesium also relieves stress and tension, so it can be helpful in calming stress-sensitive horses and those suffering from a lack of concentration.

The body uses magnesium and proteins for proper circulation, nerve cells, in various bone functions as well as in bone building.  The required dose of magnesium is affected by, among other things, the horse's age, the amount of physical activity, pregnancy, and food quality.  Young horses need more magnesium than adults for skeletal development at least up till three years of age.  During the last few months of pregnancy the horses need magnesium for fetus growth.

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