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Himbeerblatt 600g (4167368900707)
Himbeerblatt 600g (4167368900707)
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Himbeerblatt 600g

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    Himbeere ist ein tolle Heilpflanze für Stuten und Hündinnen! Geeignet für trächtige Tiere, nach der Geburt und für weibliche Tiere mit geschlechtsspezifischen Beschwerden.



    Pferd 500 KG: 3 EL – 1 DL.

    Hunde 1 TL–1 EL. 1 EL = 3 G.


    Raspberry is a great mare & female herb!  Suitable for pregnant animals, postpartum animals and animals suffering from "female problems".

    Raspberry leaf tannins enhance the diarrhea and reduce mucous membranes. Raspberry is very suitable for horse´s / dog´s mucosal inflammation, digestive and urinary problems and diarrhea .

    Raspberry contains fragaria which supports the pelvic organs, relaxes the muscles of the uterus and speeds up the uterine contractions, so it makes the foaling / birth easier. A great plant for pregnant animals, however, recommended to start until the second trimester of pregnanc . Raspberries can also be given after foaling, because it speeds up the recovery.

    Raspberries can also be helpful in irregular or painful ruts.  It may ease tension and nervousness .

    Raspberry is a mild herb , so it can be administered fairly freely.

    Rasberry contais tannins , flavonoids , organic acids and vitamin C .

    Dosage: Horse 500kg : 3 tbsp - 1 dl , dogs 1tl- 1 tbsp.