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Löwenzahnblatt 1kg (4167375323235)
Löwenzahnblatt 1kg (4167375323235)
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Löwenzahnblatt 1kg

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    Löwenzahn ist reich an nützlichen Vitaminen und anderen belebenden und stärkenden Nährstoffen für das Pferd. Fördert den normalen Stoffwechsel, Urinausscheidung und Verdauung. Ausgezeichnete Nahrungsergänzung für den Winter!


    Pferd 500 K: 2 EL – 0,5 DL / TAG.

    1 EL = 10 G. 1 DL = 55 G.


    Dandelion leaves are known as diuretic medicinal herb. Dandelion root promotes digestion and strengthens the liver. Dandelion is often used to gallbladder functional disorders of the stomach and intestinal ailments. Due to it´s acidity dandelion can be given to whet the appetite .

    Clinical trials have shown the plant to contribute to urinary and biliary excretion.

    Dandelion contains flavonoids, among other things, fructose, resin, tarakserolia, pectin, coffee acid, vitamins A, B, C, and D vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and phenolic acids. Dandelion leaves contain about three times the amount of beneficial nutrients compared to other salad plants. In particular dandelion is rich in vitamin C and A and calcium. The high potassium content of the dandelion ensures the body a sufficient amount of potassium, even if potassium is eliminated in urine.

    Dandelion is safe to use in large quantities, but it is not suitable for the horses suffering biliary tract or intestinal blockage .

    100% dried and powdered dandelion root. No additive .

    Dosage of 500 kg horse from 2 tablespoons - to 0,5 dl a day.

    1 msk = 10 g, 1 dl = 55 g.