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Klettenwurzel  700 g (4167366082659)
Klettenwurzel  700 g (4167366082659)
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Klettenwurzel 700 g

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    Klettenwurzel unterstützt den normalen Stoffwechsel und fördert das Wohlbefinden der Haut. Enthält Inulinstärke, die den Darm auszugleicht. Klettenwurzel fördert die Leber- und Gallenaktivität.


    Pferd 500 KG: 1-3 EL (10-20 G) / TAG.

    1 EL = 8 G.

    Hunde: 1-2 TL / TAG.


    Burdock root promotes liver and bile activity, affects the gall bladder and kidney stones, lowers blood sugar, and ingreases sugar carbohydrate tolerance and balances blood sugar levels. Burdock roots contains a lot of inulin which is useful for intestinals. Burdock increases resistance to infections and destroys bacterias and fungus. Can be used to treat rashes and skin problems due to it´s liver effects.

    500 kg horse dosage: 10 - 20 g / day.


    1 tbsp = 8 g.

    dog 1-2 teaspoons a day, recommended to be fed as decoction.


    Not suitable for pregnant animal.