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Chia de Gracia

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Silizium ist ein wesentliches Spurenelement für das Wohlbefinden von Knochen, Gelenken, Zähnen und Haut, aber es ist auch viel mehr! Enthält bis zu 94% 

Silizium ist ein wichtiges Spurenelement für das Wohl von Knochen, Gelenken, Zähnen und Haut.


Pferd 500 KG: 1 EL IN 5 DL FLÜSSIGKEIT / 1-2 EL 1-2 MAL AM TAG.

1 EL = 5 G.


Diatomaceous earth is suitable for horse's natural anti-ectoparasite medicines. Diatomaceous earth does not generate resistance to parasites, which means the power remains the same despite the use.

Silica is an important trace element for the welfare of bones, joints, teeth and skin. Diatomaceous earth also improves the absorption of nutritions, and cleanses the body by absorbing heavy metals etc scums.

Diatomaceous earth slow down the passage of nutrients through the digestive tract, wherein the gastrointestinal enzymes have more time to dissolve the nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract and thereby promotes a more efficient use of the feed. It also binds intestinal gas itself and also reduces the concentration of the liquid food in the colon and tone prints. The use of diatomaceous earth is preferred also because it has proved to be suitable "lubricant" for joints.

Diatomaceous earth is recommended to be used as a preventive supplementation for Icelandic horses and other horses suffering from summer excema (sweet itch), and other symptoms of rash.

Diatomaceous earth is also suitable for external use.
Diatomaceous earth reduces odors. It can be sprinkled on dung heaps and stalls, thereby reducing the proliferation of flies and other pests.

It is recommended to take a manure sample every spring and autumn before starting any kind of parasite driwe away.
If both samples are clean manure (worm eggs under 200epg) continue to take samples twice a year. If the sample of the worm eggs limit value is exceeded, or if the horse exhibiting symptoms suggestive of acting against endoparasites, for example unexplained weight loss, hair degradation, colics and / or tail rubbing, it is recommended to repeat the manure sample.

Chia de Gracia´s diatomaceous earth is made of single-celled micro-organisms that have lived in fresh water and whose cell walls have accumulated silicon to protect the growth of cells and the cells themselves. Diatomaceous earth is one silicon riches raw materials and it contains 94.2% silicon.

Freshwater diatomaceous earth is said to be cleaner than the saltwater diatomaceous earth.

Dosage:horse 500 kg 1 tablespoon 5 dl liquid / day.