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Chia de Gracia

Karottenschrot 1 kg

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Getrockneter Karottenschrot ist eine gute Quelle für Vitamin A und Carotin. Karotten enthalten auch Kalzium, Eisen, Kalium und Phosphor.


Pferd: 500 KG: 0,5-1 DL / TAG.

Hund 1 TL-2 EL. 1 EL = 6 G.

1 DL = 35 G.


Carrot contains many trace elements and minerals in their natural form and is one of the best sources of vitamin A. 100 grams of carrots contains about 11 mg of beta-carotene. Beta carotene is compound ed for the well-being of skin and the mucous membranes.

Carrots also contains calcium, iron, potassium and phosphorus.

Calcium is the most important building block for bones. At the cellular level, calcium promotes normal nerve and normal muscle functions. Iron is needed for many different functions in the body, such as the formation of blood hemoglobin and the production of myoglobin, a muscle red muscle in the muscles. Symptoms of iron deficiency include fatigue, weakness, lack of concentration and nervousness. Potassium is widely involved in regulating the body's electrolyte balance, energy metabolism and enzyme functions. It also regulates sugar metabolism and thyroid hormone secretion. Symptoms of potassium deficiency are usually tiredness, muscle weakness, swelling, constipation and kidney dysfunction. Phosphorus is a very important nutrient for brain health and activity. Phosphorus keeps cell membranes and neurons strong and durable, which improves memory and is therefore important for cognitive functions.

The ingredients of carrot has a body cleaning effect. It is also helpful for maintaining skin and mucosal health.

Carrots can be added in to other feeds, as they increase feed palatability and digestibility. Not all the horse´s can easily digest carrots , so you should try with a small amount. Carrots contain only a little of energy, so it can also be fed for dieters with a moderate dose .

Dosage: 500 kg horse : 0.5 to 1 dl / day,

dogs : 1 teespoons - 2 tbsp / day.

1 tbsp = 6 g

1 dl = 35 g

Recommended to be brewed in hot water before feeding .