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Heidekraut 400g
Heidekraut 400g
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Heidekraut 400g

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    Heidekraut unterstützt den normalen Stoffwechsel und beruhigt ungestüme Pferde.


    Pferd: 2 EL / 0,5 DL (10-20 G) / TAG.

    1 EL = 5 G.


    Heather can be used to clean the horse's liver, kidneys and urinary tracts, and strengthen the overall condition. Heather works well for diarrhea as well as in the treatment of skin problems and rheumatism kind of joint problems, as well as support for the treatment of joint pain. Heather has a calming feature, so it is also suitable for horses mood balancing/ to ease the anxiety. Can also be used for the treatment of diarrhea. Heather urges horse to urinate more, so adequate water intake is important.

    Not suitable for pregnant mares.

    Dosage, horse 500 kg: 2 tbsp - 0,5 dl (10-20 g) / day.

    1 tbsp = 5 g.