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Chia de Gracia

Flohsamenschalenpulver (BIO)

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Flohsamenschalenpulver eignet sich zur Entfernung von Sand aus dem Darm des Pferdes und zur Behandlung von Verstopfung.



1 DL = 40 G.


High quality of Psyllium Husk Powder. Husk forms a gel mass, which softens the contents of the bowel and help eliminate the sand the horse's gut.

Suitable for both sand-eating horses, horses that accumulate sand in the intestinal tract and horses suffering from constipation.

Dosage wetted: 10 g / horse 100 kg. Mix 40g powder / 2 liters of water. Mix evenly and offer to the horse as it is or other feed.

• Adult horses: 40-50 g powder / day - 2 liters of water
• pony and small breeds: 30 g powder / day - 1.5 liters of water
• Foals: 25 g powder / day - 1 liter of water

Dry feed: Mix dry powder 20-30 g / 100 kg per horse's live weight (about 120-150 g / day / adult horse) per day for evenly humid feed. Controls that the horse eats the dose. Make sure the horse is drinking water.

1 dl weighs about 40 g. 

The daily dose is recommended to be divided into two parts.

Max dosage 150 g / day!

Recommended for use in 5-7-day cycles, not for continuous use. The Cycle can be renewed once a month, with 3-week breaks.

In continuous use, migraines of intestine adapt to melt psyllium and the effect on sand removal is deteriorating.

The product is heavily swelling, it binds water about 40 times its weight. During the Psyllium feeling period, it is important to remember that the horse has sufficient water intake and to observe the horse's wellbeing.

Tip: Use a small amount of chia during breaks, whereby the sand runs continuously out in small quantities, and sand can not penetrate the intestines into a tight, thick layer.

The sand in the intestine can be tested by putting a horse's manure on a rubber gloves, for example, and allowing it to stay overnight. If the sand is pouring into the bottom of the glove, it is recommended to continue. To be absolutely sure, X-rays are needed to see if there is sand in the horses´s gut.

When feeding Psyllium products (without the requirement of a veterinarian) the package linstructions must be followed. Do not exceed the dosage without the help of a veterinarian!

Nutrient Composition:
Crude protein 2.5%, Crude fiber 20%