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Blueberry leaf 500g (4167366246499)
Blueberry leaf 500g (4167366246499)
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Blueberry leaf 500g

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    Heidelbeerblätter sind gesund und nährstoffreich und stabiliseren den Magen z. B. bei weichem Stuhl.


    Pferd 500 KG: 2 EL – 1 DL / TAG.

    1 DL = 10 G.

    Nicht für schwangere Stuten


    Blueberry leaves contains (among other things) plenty of organic acids, carburettors, inulin, flavonoids and chromium.

    Blueberry leaves eases stomach problems and contracts the mucous membranes - so they are used to treat diarrhea. For foals suffering from diarrhea , you can prepare decoction which reduces mucous membranes .

    Blueberry leaves can be used for the treatment of metabolic syndrome and high blood sugar, as leaves contains inulin, antacid, and colorants which reduces blood sugar levels. High blood sugar may also be a problem for older dogs. Blueberries are often referred to as plant insulin because of its blood sugar balancing properties.

    Due to the oxalic acid content, it is not recommended to use leaves continually.


    Dosing horse 500 kg: 2 tbsp-1 dl / day.


    Not for pregnant or lactating animals.

    When making decoction, simmer about 1 dl of leaves per 1 liter of hot water.