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Birkenblätter geschrotet 500 g (4167363461219)
Birkenblätter geschrotet 500 g (4167363461219)
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Birkenblätter geschrotet 500 g

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    Vitamin C-haltige Birkenblätter steigern die Urinausscheidung und und die Wirkung der Aufrechterhaltung der normalen Sekretion.


    Pferd 500 KG: 1/2 – 1 DL / TAG.

    1 DL = CA. 12 G.

    Birch leaves are very rich in vitamin C. Birch leaves also contain vitamin A precursor carotene and vitamins B2 and B3.

    Birch is considered to be a mild herbal drug, which usually does not have side effects. The active substances are flavonoids, e.g. hyperosid. They have an increased urinary excretion and a strengthening effect on the kidneys. Increased urinary excretion contributes to improved renal and bladder inflammation. It also increases saline secretion into the urine. Birch leaves do not irritate kidneys as some diuretics may do. Birch also promotes sweating and reduces blood pressure. The methyl salicylates contained in the volatile oil in the magazine prevent inflammation and act antiseptically and suppressively.

    Birch has been used for example urinary tract infections, kidney problems, joint and bladder lesions. The birch also has antiseptic anti-viral and anti-microbial growth inhibitory effects, as well as the phosphate and carbonate-type stones. Suitable for body cleaning. Birch leaves contains for example flavonoids, essential oils, carnivores, vitamin C, phenolic carbonic acid, resins and carnivores.

    Dosage: horse 500kg: 1/2 -1 dl / day.

    1 dl weighs about 12 g.