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Hagedornbeeren 700g (4167373979747)
Hagedornbeeren 700g (4167373979747)
Hagedornbeeren 700g (4167373979747)
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Hagedornbeeren 700g

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    Hagedorn kann u.a. zur Unterstützung der peripheren Blutzirkulation der Füße und Hufe verwendet werden, was wichtig u.a. für Pferde ist, die unter Hufrehe gelitten haben. Enthält eine Fülle an Inhaltsstoffen und Vitaminen, die das Wohlbefinden des Körpers fördern.



    Pferd 500 KG: 2 EL – 1 DL / Tag.

    Hund: 1 TL – 1 EL. 1 EL = 10 G.

    1 DL = 50 G.


    Hawthorn has been used for centuries as a general heart tonic, and its components can help improve blood circulation and increase the blood supply to areas of local injury.

    The flavenoids present in hawthorn have shown to enhance the connective tissue structure of the endothelial lining of heart cavities and the blood and lymph vessels.

    Hawthorn dilates the coronary artery and thereby enhances blood flow to the heart muscle.

    Hawthorn is also a peripheral vasodilator and dilates blood vessels away from the heart. This lowers blood pressure and relieves the burden placed upon the heart.

    Horses with specific conditions such as laminitis and navicular syndrome can benefit from hawthorn where blood vessel dilation and strengthening will improve the circulation t these “local” injury areas.


    Horses with arthritis can benefit greatly from eating Hawthorn. Hawthorn berries are used extensively as a cardiac tonic and for increasing circulation which is very important for horses with arthritis.


    Western herbalists consider it to be a “food for the heart” increasing blood flow to the heart muscles and restoring normal heartbeat. It is a wonderful herb for the elderly senior horse helping with circulation and strengthening the heart.


    Hawthorn is also used for joint remedies for horses with arthritis as it increases circulation and is great for helping rid the body of toxins which can build up in the joints. It is considered an astringent, antispasmodic, cardiac, diuretic, sedative and tonic.


    Dosage Horse 500kg: 2 tbsp - 1 dl / day.

    Dogs: 1 teaspoon - 1 tbsp, softened in warm water.

    1 tbsp = 10 g, 1 dl = 50 g.