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FinMix 1,4 kg (4167364673635)
FinMix 1,4 kg (4167364673635)
FinMix 1,4 kg (4167364673635)
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FinMix 1,4 kg

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    FinMix ist eine Kräutermischung aus der reinen finnischen Natur. Eiweiß, Fettsäuren, Vitamine und Mineralien aus einer Tüte! Enthält finnische Hanfsamen, Cranberry und Brennnessel sowie eine Prise Liebe .

    Dosierung Pferd 500 kg: 0,5 DL – 6 DL.

    1 DL = 30 G.


    Chia de Gracia´s FinMix is a feed mixture directly from pure finnish nature . FinMix contains a mixture of feeds suitable for every horse's daily diet and welfare. FinMix contains finnish hemp seeds, cranberry and nettle, which together form a great vitamin, trace and mineral element compination complementing the horses nutriotional status. We also added a pinch of love into our recipe, so it is a perfect daily supplement for your horse.

    Hemp seeds are highly nutritious seeds low in sugar and starch, high in fiber and essential omega fatty acids. Omega fatty acids are highly essential for example skin and joints. High fiber content helps maintaining normal digestion and stomach health. Hemp has all the essential amino acids, so it will be an excellent protein supplement, and thus help to increase muscle mass.

    Nettle is healthy and strengthening plant which also increases the resistance. Nettle has a very high nutritional value. Stinging nettle is rich in natural vitamins and trace elements, and it contains mineral salts more than any other plant.

    Cranberry contains vitamin C, D, and B, sugars, organic acids and bitter substances, minerals and trace elements. Cranberry is a great source of antioxidants and flavonoids. Cranberry contains tannin, which reduces the number of infections and can be used as supportive treatment of antibiotics and sulfa treatments. Cranberry may even be effective against antibiotic-resistant bacterias causing different kind of infections. Cranberry may also help the stomach and intestinal activity, as it contains important intestinal health pectin and bitter substances. Chia de Gracia´s FinMix is ​​a great 100% finnish booster to improve horse's nutritional status!


    Horse 500 kg to 0.5 dl - 6 dl (after strenuous exercise, the race horses).

    1 dl = 30 g