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Blue Hors Care Super Cool 4 kg
Blue Hors Care Super Cool 4 kg
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Blue Hors Care Super Cool 4 kg


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    Cooling clay. Reduces swelling and windpuffs
    * For acute trauma, over-exertion and after hard work
    * Absorbs the heat from the legs which provides a longer and deeper cooling effect

    The cooling clay is applied after hard work or after swelling (first 24 hours). Cools, softens and prevents swelling and windpuffs. Absorbs heat from the legs.

    User instructions:
    Stir before use. Spread a thick layer directly onto the affected area. Allow the clay to remain until completely dry. It can then be lightly brushed or washed off.
    The thicker the layer, the longer-lasting the cooling effect.
    Do not use bandages.

    Do not apply to wounds or damaged skin.