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Blue Hors Care Clean & Dry
Blue Hors Care Clean & Dry
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Blue Hors Care Clean & Dry

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    *Cleaning of coat, man and tail without use of water.

    *Easy, fast and effective stain remover
    *Easy cleaning af white marks, back and barrel without water.

    Effective and rapid cleaning with Super Clean. Perfect for cleaning of white marks and white horses. Ready to use and fast-drying. Suitable for cleaning of back and barrel if you wish to avoid washing the horse.

    User instructions:
    Apply a thin layer of Super-Clean using a cloth or spray on, and immediately dry with a clean dry water-absorbing cloth, ideally a terry cloth. Clean mane and tail in same way.
    Once the horse is dry, brush coat which is then clean and shiny and will be dust and dirt-repellent for a period.

    If you want extra shine, use Blue Hors Super-Shine afterwards.

    Keep out of reach of children