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Blue Hors Care Relax-Amino Gel
Blue Hors Care Relax-Amino Gel
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Blue Hors Care Relax-Amino Gel

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    * For a more relaxed horse during training, transport and competition

    * Promotes concentration and thereby also the ability to learn

    * Contains only natural components

    Relax Amino is a supplement particularly developed for nervous horses and horses with a tendency to become excessively excited. Helps improve ability to concentrate without affecting energy level.

    Relax Amino contains only natural ingredients, nutritionally significant amounts of certain vitamins and amino acid tryptophan. If a horse is nutritionally imbalanced it can affect its well-being and lead to adverse unexpected reactions. Use on those days/periods when you want your horse to be more relaxed.


    Feeding instructions: Recommended amount for a large horse is 50 g (= 2 meals) as required. Mix in with other feed. The amount can be increased or decreased as needed. Horses react individually to the supplement.

    Feed additives per kg: Nutritional: L.Tryptophan - 3.4.1: 120.000 mg Vitamin E: 20.000 mg Vitamin B1: 3.000 mg

    Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 10.9% Crude fat 1.9% Crude ash 3.4% Crude fibre 0.6%.

    Ingredients: Lactose Cornflour

    Store in a frost-free, dry and cool container with a tightly sealed lid.