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Blue Hors Care Hoof Oil Special
Blue Hors Care Hoof Oil Special
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Blue Hors Care Hoof Oil Special

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    * High-quality hoof oil – easy to apply
    * Thick oil – does not colour hoofs!
    * Suitable for daily hoof care

    Hoof oil from Ireland of top quality. Penetrates and protects the hoofs. Very efficient for daily hoof care

    User instructions:
    Wash hooves thoroughly and lightly dry with a cloth. Using a brush, apply Hoof Oil Special on the outside on the glaze. You should not treat sole with grease or oil unless the hoof has been softened in water 10-15 minutes beforehand.

    NB! In case of hoof problems, recommend you also use Biotin complex.

    Pure vegetable oil
    Cod Liver Oil
    Stockholm Tar
    Anyhrdous Lanolin
    Propylene Glycol

    External use only. Be stored closed, dry and cool.
    Keep out of reach of children