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Blue Hors Care Anti-itch liniment
Blue Hors Care Anti-itch liniment
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Blue Hors Care Anti-itch liniment

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    * Anti-itching gel for body, mane and tail
    * Based on herbs with a soothing effect
    * Assists in keeping the mane and tail tangle-free for easier grooming

    Anti Itch is based on herbs with a soothing effect. Blue Hors Anti Itch is designed to bring relief to horses and ponyes troubled by itching, especially in the mane and tail areas.
    A thin layer is spread evenly on the affected areas and carefully rubbed into the skin.
    It is recommended to provide a grant of Blue Hors Feed Support in the feed, while the topical treatment with Anti-Itch.

    User instructions:
    Apply a thin layer on the affected area. Spread evenly and carefully massage in.
    For best results, apply Anti Itch: Three times a day in the first week, twice daily in the second week and once daily in the third week. From then on as required.

    For external use only on horses.

    Store in a dark, cool place out of the reach of children.