Chia de Gracia's online store and website has been redesigned!

Chia de Gracia´s Online Store has been renewed!

Chia de Gracia's online store and website has been redesigned on September 30, 2019!

You can find all the same Chia de Gracia and Blue Hors Care products with updated information in the new interface - we hope you like and enjoy it!

What things have changed:

  • Layout - The look and feel of the entire store was redesigned to make it more clear and more visual.
  • Search - The new search function instantly displays search results as you type in the search box field. One could almost think it reads your thoughts :)
  • Product filtering and tags - All products now have (tagged) features that allow them to be filtered and retrieved. With the new search feature, you can find products much easier and faster now!
  • A more visual and clear database and lots of new content!
  • Old Store IDs and Purchase History - Your username, password, and purchase history from old store´s account information did not migrate to the new store. You need to enter new IDs for this new store if you want to use your own account when shopping in our webstore.

Chia de Gracia team warmly wellcomes you in to our new store!